• About Us

    ContentLAB and Factory is dedicated to development and production of high value, entertaining, competitive, original, local, yet internationally appealing scripted TV content. Our main field is developing original scripted drama content and adapting existing scripted formats to local needs in the Central and Eastern European region.

  • Vision

    Our vision is that writers, producers, directors and showrunners in Central and Eastern Europe should find their home in an internationally inspiring environment, where they can fulfill their talents and get the maximum support from our company to release original stories to the market.

  • Our Mission

    We believe that investing into talent management in the TV drama industry is the only way ahead for the region to catch up with international trends. The upcoming need from the broadcasters to put quality TV drama series on the air, is inevitable and television’s key to unique branding will be TV drama in the near future in this region as well. As per the last 20 years, the industry was not able to reflect on the international trends and the missing key element was a new generation of writers and showrunners with an edgy and modern approach to drama-telling.

  • Talent program

    ContentLAB and Factory’s unique talent program gives a chance to 12 individuals to participate in our Mentoring Talent Program. While being part of our writers room team, they receive a scholarship, they learn to work in a team and can actually work on real projects with the support of our international board of mentors and showrunners. Throughout the program our participants will be monitored closely and the best of them will get a chance to get contracted for our upcoming developments as full time writers.

  • Partners

    Our main partners in the market are the television broadcasters. They are the ones who are the first to understand the necessity of the fresh talent in drama development. ContentLAB and Factory’s strategy is to work in line with the market’s broadcasters needs, to cater to their actual needs in our format development and in our projects. Our development projects always go hand in hand with the broadcasters vision.

  • Why us?

    Apart from a few positive and standalone examples, there has not been a single company in the region who would have dedicated the financial efforts to drama development in the past decades. ContentLAB and Factory plans to be the first in this area, by managing a unique Talent Mentoring Program, with a professional angle.

  • Offices

    ContentLAB & Factory was launched in October 2014 in Hungary, Budapest. Soon after opening the first office, we expanded to Slovenia and Croatia by opening 2 new offices to look after the South East European territories, namely: Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, Romania and Bulgaria.

  • Financial background

    ContentLAB and Factory is financed by both European Union Adjustment Sources alongside with German and Spanish venture capital investment funds.

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